Origami Money Gifts

I used to buy kids presents in advance and have a little ‘present box’ so that I wasn’t dashing to the shops every time my kids got an invite to a party. As I’ve moved towards Zero Waste I’ve given up on this. I no longer feel comfortable supporting the production of non-recyclable plastic toysContinue reading “Origami Money Gifts”

Earth Positive Father Day Crafts

How can it be Fathers Day again? The years are going quicker and quicker! If you’d like to show your appreciation with some handmade love here are some uber cute ideas for Father’s Day cards and crafts. I love this brown paper card, originally from Angel Street Mom. That website is no gone but here’sContinue reading “Earth Positive Father Day Crafts”

Low Waste Hallowe’en Costumes for Kids

It’s a real struggle to find ideas for spooky low-waste Hallowe’en costumes, especially if you’ve very fussy kids! So to save you hours of research time here are some of my favs, including this stylish paper skeleton by architect Marie-Laure Pham. Read on for some more clever, low-impact Halloween costumes.