About Me

Me speaking about Living with Less Plastic from the GIY stage at Bloom in the Park 2019

I believe in a life that is simple, kind and joyous

Life is so complicated these days and it’s getting harder and harder to live well in a sustainable and ethical manner. A little bit of knowledge makes sustainable living that much easier and that’s what this website is all about.

And here’s a little about me;

My husband, two kids and I live in South Dublin, Ireland. I’m am a designer with a passion for visual beauty, all forms of problem solving, socially beneficial initiatives and human connections.

I’m proof that small changes do make a difference. Our bin charges are a third of families with a similar set up, and this is just one of the sustainable choices that help us save €2500 – €3000 per annum. Our carbon footprint is also 88% of the UK target and we use 20% less resources than the earth can replenish every year, i.e. if everyone lived like us, human life on this planet wouldn’t be in the danger it currently is. And we do all this while driving a car, eating some meat and without living a life of penury.  To find out more click on this link for articles about my personal zero waste journey

Media Appearances – I was invited onto the morning breakfast show of Ireland AM on the 29th of September 2020 to talk about easy steps towards sustainable living.

I’ve spoken on the Claire Byrne Live Show, RTE 1, about waste reduction (14th Jan 2019) and food waste (13th May 2019) and sustainable laundry (21st Oct 2019).

I’ve also done quick pieces on radio on the issue of waste, particularly plastic, and what we can to avoid at least some of it.

I was also included in a piece on sustainable living in one of Ireland’s leading newspapers The Irish Times and contributed content to a booklet on Green Living by the national newspaper Irish Independent.

  morning breakfast TV show Ireland AM




Talks – I have given talks on living sustainably and zero waste living to GIY groups, community groups, at multiple Zero Waste Festivals, at the Food Festival in Airfield in 2018, at the Love Your Home Show in March 2019 and on the GIY stage at Bloom in the Park 2019.

If you’re a company I charge €200 for a 60 minute talk.  To date I’ve presented to staff in Deloitte and Autodesk.

sustainable living talks green living expert green lifestyle guru eco living advice green living advice

I’m happy to talk for free within reasonable driving distances for non-profits and charities, that don’t charge entry to the event.

Consultancy – I am also available to do home or work visits with individuals and organisations on how to move towards sustainable living and businesses. If you’d prefer just adhoc advise as and when you need it then consider supporting my work with a monthly donation via the website Patreon

Support my Work
I don’t do sponsored posts or accept gifts. Instead, I rely on the support of my readers. If you enjoyed my writing then please share some of my articles, buy me a coffee on Ko-fi, or make a small monthly donation via Patreon, or a one-time donation via Paypal

Dublin, Ireland

PS – if you’re having trouble following my website let me know at living lightly in ireland @ gmail . com (delete spaces before emailing)

PPS – I’ve you’d like to hear from me more regularly than my weekly articles then follow me on Facebook or Instagram, or both!

10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Just stumbled across your blog and LOVE it. It’s rare to find an ‘eco’ blog where the person actually seems to have considered all the issues and how to be helpful to readers. Really appreciated your recent fashion one – lots of elements that often get overlooked plus a handy source list. I’ve signed up for more but would love to see you on Twitter/Instagram too…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Elaine!
    I went through my subscribed sites on the WP reader and found that for about half of them (even though I had subscribed) the email notification button was turned to off. I didn’t do this and it seems to be a random WP thing that I don’t understand. In any case, it’s switched on now (they all are!) so I look forward to reading more of your posts as they come out.


  3. Not yet but have you tried fairthreads.ie or whiteandgreenhome.com , both Irish. Also UK based King of Cotton do keenly priced organic cotton, as do some of the Eco supere-tailers listed in my post on clothes.


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