Where to buy Second-Life Clothes in Ireland

We all know that the fashion industry generates a huge amount of waste and pollution, with a report in 2018 citing fashion as the 4th most polluting industry in the world. What makes that statistic worse – as if that’s possible – is that every second a bin lorry’s worth of clothes are landfilled orContinue reading “Where to buy Second-Life Clothes in Ireland”

How to eat less Meat & Diary

The data is clear. Us yobos in the West need to reduce our meat and dairy intake pronto! But how? That’s the question I aim to answer in this article. Full disclaimer though, my family are neither vegan nor vegetarian. We’re just an average family trying to do better at eating less meat and dairy. ReadContinue reading “How to eat less Meat & Diary”

Product Review – Wuka Period Pants (Patron Only)

I previously wrote about my experience of reusable period products, which were meh to say the least. Since then I’ve fallen even further out of love with reusable cloth sanitary pads. When I heard about period pants I was intrigued, but wary of investing such an amount of money in what are essentially a pair ofContinue reading “Product Review – Wuka Period Pants (Patron Only)”

Where to buy Organic Cotton Bedlinen in Europe

Seeing as we spend almost 1/3 of the day in our beds it makes sense to have them as healthy as possible and one way to do that is to buy organic cotton sheets. There is a huge number of retailers of such bedlinen, but with a bias towards English language, big-brand websites search enginesContinue reading “Where to buy Organic Cotton Bedlinen in Europe”