Wildlife Friendly Gardening

Gosh what a week; countries on lock down from the coronavirus, the World Health Organisation calling it a pandemic, people being asked to work from home. I’m not naturally an anxious person so I’m not panicking, but we are preparing. We bought a few extra provisions (not much) and I chose not to go to […]

I’m not mean, I’m green!

This blog post was born after I was called ‘tight’ (Irish slang for mean with money) in a Freecycle group for asking for something inexpensive.  The rude commentator expressed amazement at my request for an item that could be bought for €5 in a shop. I explained that I only needed the item for 2 […]

Raising Zero Waste Kids – Updated 3rd January 2020

Photo by Jamie Taylor on Unsplash Before I launch into this week’s blog post a huge THANK YOU to my first patrons on Patreon, a platform to help citizens support content creators financially. It tickles my heart to know that people think enough of my work to support what I do financially. I set up a Living Lightly […]