Sustainable Schools

Photo by Kimberly Farmer on Unsplash Kids are back in school over a week now and I’m busily trying to get through all of the errands I have on my to-do list before I start back to college on Monday. Sometimes I feel like life is death by a thousand errands. You start off thinking ‘this will onlyContinue reading “Sustainable Schools”

Low-waste Summer Activities for Kids

My Lord. It’s only 4 days into the school holidays and I’m wrecked already. Doesn’t help that I decided to embark on a massive decluttering session and that I’ve given up coffee. First world problems, I know. I’ve also been busy since my lost post with two interviews on local radio stations. Firstly on howContinue reading “Low-waste Summer Activities for Kids”

Raising Zero Waste Kids

I thought I lived a sustainable life until I started my Zero Waste journey, and this blog, in 2016 but God was I clueless. I didn’t even realise single-use coffee cups weren’t recyclable or compostable and I had been heavily involved in an ‘environmental’ political party for 4 years at that stage! So needless toContinue reading “Raising Zero Waste Kids”

Sustainable Ethical Toys

Toys generate a huge amount of waste in the world and in my experience it’s the hardest area to reign in, particularly if the horse has already bolted. Like most kids in the overdeveloped world mine have too many toys. This wasn’t done intentionally but they just seemed to pile up after birthdays and ChristmasesContinue reading “Sustainable Ethical Toys”