Have Yourself a Merry Eco Party 2022

A lovely aspect of the Christmas season is the impetus to spend time with those we care about. I often think it’s strange that we wait until the busiest time of the year to do this. It’d be nice if we started the new year with a plan not to leave it until next DecemberContinue reading “Have Yourself a Merry Eco Party 2022”

Sustainable-ish Hallowe’en – Food & Table Decorations

I love a good party, and to be honest I like the planning as much as the attending. In my time I’ve spent way too much time on Pinterest finding low waste ways to achieve high party impact. So you don’t have to spend hours doing the same, here are some of my favourite sustainableContinue reading “Sustainable-ish Hallowe’en – Food & Table Decorations”

Do-able Hallowe’en Makeup Ideas

There can be soooooooo much waste at Hallowe’en particularly when it comes to putting together a costume. But there is another way, Hallowe’en makeup is the perfect low-waste solution to your Hallowe’en costume needs, created with items you probably already have to hand. I love this creepy doll face, if you do too click onContinue reading “Do-able Hallowe’en Makeup Ideas”

Scrumptious Low-waste Hallowe’en Treats

Hallowe’en was originally a Celtic ‘New Years’ celebration and believed to be a time when departed souls would return to their home and were visible to the living. Nowadays it’s more about two things; costumes and treats! If you want to up your treat game without the waste here are some simple and inexpensive treatContinue reading “Scrumptious Low-waste Hallowe’en Treats”