Privacy Policy

Here is my attempt at giving you all the information required to ensure that I comply with the new GDPR regulations.

You can sign up to receive communications from me in one of four ways,

  • Following my blog via the reader service on (for wordpress users only)
  • Submit your email address on my blog page
  • Follow my Instagram account
  • Like my Facebook Page

What i see when you follow my blog and /or social media accounts
If you are following my blog using reader I will see just see when you started to follow my blog and your username. If you have registered an active website or blog with it will be linked to your username and I will be taken to it by clicking on your username.

If you signed up to receive email notifications, I will just see that email address and when you signed up.

If you follow me via Instagram and / or Facebook I will see what ever information you have chosen to make visible in your public profile.

What do I use this information for
To send you new blog posts and to have my social media posts pop up in your newsfeed.

How to stop receiving communications from me
You can unfollow my blog in Reader by clicking on the word ‘manage’ under the text ‘You are following this blog’. This will bring you to a webpage where you can choose to unfollow my blog.

If you get email notifications from me you can stop this by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of one of my posts. Alternatively email me and i’ll remove your email from the mailing list.

On Facebook or Instagram you can simply unfollow me to stop seeing all of my posts.

If you’ve any questions on it feel free to contact me at livinglightlyinireland @ (remove spaces before emailing)