Low Waste Hallowe’en Costumes for Kids

paper skeleton

I try to repurpose clothes for the kids Hallowe’en costumes, or swap with other parents or buy second-hand but some years these avenues come up short and this is one of these years.  It’s a real struggle to find ideas for spooky low-waste Hallowe’en costumes but I did come across this stylish paper skeleton by architect Marie-Laure Pham. If you think you’re going to have a dry Hallowe’en, you’ll find a full tutorial on how to make this paper skeleton on Hello, Wonderful

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I have to say I far prefer spooky / scary costumes as Hallowe’en but when you’re trying to be low-waste you have to broaden your interest. So here is a lovely knight costume made from silver card. You can find a tutorial for a cardboard knight costume on this website.

Lego Costume

or how about a humble Lego brick?

or Mrs and Mr Lego?

Or a cute cardboard box dinosaur from Hello, Wonderful?

Or scuba divers?

Or a crazy but fun taco from Hello, Wonderful? The tutorial is for felt but you could make it just as easily with card.

Love these clever pac man from Li’l Buck’s Creations

What a sweet costume from Oh Happy Day

square minecraft mask

I made a series of these heads for my son’s birthday party but they’d work perfectly well for Hallowe’en too. You can download the printable template for this Minecraft mask, along with others from the video game in the link given.

Lama costume anyone? Here’s a cute one from Mer Mag

Or would you prefer a snail from Oh Happy Day?

boy in fidget spinner costume

Another idea from Oh Happy Day is this simple but effective fidget spinner costume.

This is actually a costume on sale by Wallmart but I imagine anyone with an ounce of craftiness in them couldmake it themselves. All you need is three kids to wear it!

If none of these costumes tickle your fancy check out Coolest Ever Homemade Costumes for more ideas.








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