Sustainable Living Guide 101

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Hello to my website. You’re most welcome. I hope you find this Sustainable Living Guide a useful and enjoyable way to find out how to live more sustainably in Ireland. I publish a blog post every week at the moment but I also post daily to my Facebook Page and Instagram Account so follow me there if you’d like more regular updates.

Unlike most bloggers I don’t take payments or gifts from companies. I think it affects the objectivity of the blogger and leads to biased posts, which really are no use to you. 

So I pretty much write this sustainable living guide and give talks for free as my way of giving back and to help safeguard my kids future on this planet, which to be honest isn’t looking too good but that’s a conversation for another day.

Some of my followers are good enough to support me financially on this journey either with a monthly donation or with a once off donation. If you find this website I’d really appreciate you buying me a virtual coffee on either Patreon or PayPal!

There’s a hell of a lot of info in this sustainable living guide, which can be overwhelming when you’re just starting out, so here’s my greatest hits to get you started. 

I update all the blog posts as life allows so if you think I’ve missed something or have incorrect information please get in touch by email (see About Me page) or write a comment below.

I’ve other posts on gardening, crafting and celebrations but didn’t include them for fear of overloading you.

So get yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee or whatever your preferred poison is and take the first step on your journey. And do me, and your kids or grandkids a favour, share this sustainable living guide with anyone you think needs it.

Thanks for stopping buy my sustainable living guide.


Published by livinglightlyinireland

I am a reformed interior architect that now campaign for and write about sustainable living in Ireland.

2 thoughts on “Sustainable Living Guide 101

  1. Thanks so much for this! I have long been interested in reducing waste, and I think we are reasonably good in terms of sustainability in our house, but we need to up our game now. I’ll be reading with interest. Here goes the first step!


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