Sustainable Business; Grocery & Food Retail

Today we have another article in my series on sustainable businesses, this time for grocers and food retailers. If you’re not in the line of work feel free to forward the article onto someone that is. Nothing mentioned in this article has been sponsored. It’s all just my own personal opinion. If you like yourContinue reading “Sustainable Business; Grocery & Food Retail”

Sustainable Living Guide 101

Photo: Alan Betson Hello to my website. You’re most welcome. I hope you find this Sustainable Living Guide a useful and enjoyable way to find out how to live more sustainably in Ireland. I publish an article or newsletter every week at the moment but I also post daily to my Facebook Page and InstagramContinue reading “Sustainable Living Guide 101”

Free & Easy Steps to Sustainable Living

I often hear the argument that living ethically and sustainably is really only achievable if you’ve lots of free time and even more disposable income. I think this is often true, particularly if you’re measuring yourself against the picture-perfect lifestyles depicted on social media, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are someContinue reading “Free & Easy Steps to Sustainable Living”

A Guide to Composting & Composters 2022

Composting is so easy peasy it’s a shame that more people don’t do it. It can also save you a fortune, both in waste charges and in garden compost. It’s also the only zero-waste way to get peat-free compost. It’s also the only way to get compost with no nasties in it. Did you knowContinue reading “A Guide to Composting & Composters 2022”

Why I don’t like Biodegradable / Compostable Plastics 2022

Ireland is slowing waking up to the problem of plastic waste. This is a good thing, particularly if it encourages to reduce our creation of it. But has it? I’m worried that we’ve just swapped our addiction to recyclable or compostable plastic instead. I’ve written before on why recycling isn’t the answer, so in thisContinue reading “Why I don’t like Biodegradable / Compostable Plastics 2022”