How to Use up Christmas Dinner Leftovers

In an ideal world we would generate no food waste but being imperfect humans this isn’t always the case. I take food waste very personal and get very annoyed when anything that should have been eaten ends up in the brown bin, but it still happens from time to time. Here are some simple ideasContinue reading “How to Use up Christmas Dinner Leftovers”

How to eat less Meat & Diary

The data is clear. Us yobos in the West need to reduce our meat and dairy intake pronto! But how? That’s the question I aim to answer in this article. Full disclaimer though, my family are neither vegan nor vegetarian. We’re just an average family trying to do better at eating less meat and dairy. ReadContinue reading “How to eat less Meat & Diary”

40+ Organic & Free Range Animal Products in Ireland 2022

During the pandemic the source of our food became increasingly important, particularly when we struggled to get it. One way to improve food security is to build relationships with local food producers, and in particular those producing in a more sustainable way? Whether it’s meat, dairy or eggs there is pretty much a producer inContinue reading “40+ Organic & Free Range Animal Products in Ireland 2022”

30+ Organic Fresh Fruit & Veg Growers in Ireland (2021)

Sustainable living is a lot easier when you know where to get things. If you want to buy fresh, organic (or naturally) grown fruit and veg, in Ireland, here’s a list of 30+ organic fruit and veg growers in Ireland. Nothing mentioned in this article has been sponsored. It’s all just my own personal opinion.Continue reading “30+ Organic Fresh Fruit & Veg Growers in Ireland (2021)”

Does eating less meat & dairy reduce your carbon footprint?

I’m late publishing this article, and just as well, because since Friday, the day I normally publish, I came across a new study that sort of muddied the waters of this topic again. It just goes to prove just how much this area of research is evolving. As always I’ll revise this article as IContinue reading “Does eating less meat & dairy reduce your carbon footprint?”