How to Sustainably Disposal of a Christmas Tree

You’ve successfully celebrated the wee little saviour’s birth and now it’s time to sweep clean in preperation for the return to work or school. For us that mean undecorating the house and giving it a clean. Decorations will be safely packed away for reused next year (very sustainable) and our Christmas Tree will be disposedContinue reading “How to Sustainably Disposal of a Christmas Tree”

How to Use up Christmas Dinner Leftovers

In an ideal world we would generate no food waste but being imperfect humans this isn’t always the case. I take food waste very personal and get very annoyed when anything that should have been eaten ends up in the brown bin, but it still happens from time to time. Here are some simple ideasContinue reading “How to Use up Christmas Dinner Leftovers”

Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide (2021)

Now that it’s November I think it might just be safe enough to publish a Christmas article. I don’t like adding to all the consumption hype around this celebration, but until sustainability becomes the norm, having one requires a bit of planning, which starting early helps. This article is full of ideas for sustainable ChristmasContinue reading “Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide (2021)”

Stress-free Christmas Gifting

There’s lot of chatter on social media about Christmas gift giving. It seems to be rife with problems for many. Some people are upset at having to engage in obligatory gift exchanges in the first place, other that requests for ethical gifts are being ignored while they’re expected to purchase undesirable items for others. IContinue reading “Stress-free Christmas Gifting”