8 Easy Low-waste Summer Activities for Kids

bicarb volcanos

I hate kids’ activities that generate a load of waste, stuff that I have to clean up and deal with when all the excitement has subsided, so I’m always on the look out for activities that either generate very little waste or keep the kids entertained long enough to justify the clean-up.

Here are my top 8 easy low-waste activities to do with kids this summer

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1. One of my favourite activities is an oldie but a goodie. Every kid seems to love to make a volcano from bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. One of the best articles about this activity can be found at Fun At Home with Kids

growing beans in old CD cases

2. This Bean Terrarium is a great way to explain the structure of a plant to children. Just put some beans and moist compost in a clear CD case and place in a bright place out of direct sunlight.

exploding sticks

3. This exploding track is a great, repeatable activity that will keep kids entertained for a good while. Thanks to Frugal Fun 4 Boys for the article.

frozen bubble

4. Make a frozen bubble with Wikihow

tornado in a jar

5. This neat tornado in a jar only requires a jar, water and a small squeeze of dish soap. Check out Ellie Moon’s blog for instructions

invisible lemon ink

6. When I was a kid I loved writing secret messages that could only be revealed with heat, and I’m sure yours will too. Full instructions can be found here.

balloon lego car

7. Got a Lego fan in the house? Not only is a simple experiment from Frugal Funs 4 Boys an ingenious way of explaining the power of moving air, it also requires children to design a car that keeps the balloon high up enough to work.

paper fort

8. And for something truly awesome, and a little more involved, check out this news paper fort made from rolled up newspapers from Modern Parents Messy Kids

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