Second-hand Furniture & Homeware in Ireland 2022

I’m delighted to see my articles on sources for second-life goods doing so well on the website. This is a new development. For years now it’s been my listings of eco brands that have performed the best, so for me it’s a great sign. There’s also been an explosion in resale outlets, for all mannerContinue reading “Second-hand Furniture & Homeware in Ireland 2022”

Where to buy Organic Cotton Bedlinen in Europe in 2022

Seeing as we spend almost 1/3 of the day in our beds it makes sense to have them as healthy as possible and one way to do that is to buy organic cotton sheets. There is a huge number of retailers of such bedlinen, but with a bias towards English language, big-brand websites search enginesContinue reading “Where to buy Organic Cotton Bedlinen in Europe in 2022”