Second-hand Stores in Ireland 2021

This blog post was born after I was called ‘tight’ (Irish slang for mean with money) in a Freecycle group for asking for something inexpensive.  The rude commentator expressed amazement at my request for an item that could be bought for €5 in a shop. I explained that I only needed the item for 2Continue reading “Second-hand Stores in Ireland 2021”

Natural Insect Repellents

It’s summer! And as the temperatures creep up we’re all living outdoors more, which means we’re all spending more time with lots of mini-beasties. I have a live and let live approach to most insects in my life. I’m happy to share my living space with them, after all I’m the one invading their worldContinue reading “Natural Insect Repellents”

Sustainable Ethical Cleaning 2021

This week we’re going to talk about cleaning house literally. I’ve already published an article on Zero Waste Washing Up and there is enough advice about laundry to justify an article on it’s own so this article only looks at house cleaning like the kitchen and bathroom etc. Firstly we’re going to look at cleaningContinue reading “Sustainable Ethical Cleaning 2021”

Toxin-free Minimal Kitchenware 2021

I originally started this as a section in a blog post on kitchens as part of my series on Sustainable Ethical Interiors but it just grew legs and was in danger of taking of the post so I gave it a post all of its own. Also as you’ll find out I discovered that sustainableContinue reading “Toxin-free Minimal Kitchenware 2021”