The 2022 Renew

Over the past 6 years of trying to live more sustainably I’ve discovered just how little I need to be happy – materially, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, Unfortunately knowing this hasn’t made finding it any easier. Listening to nature is hard to do in power-tool obsessed neighbourhoods, human connection is difficult to cultivate when everyoneContinue reading “The 2022 Renew”

What is Green Energy? And who provides it?

We used to buy renewable energy years ago and then for some reason, probably price, my husband switched back to fossil-fuel energy. Last year I pestered him enough to switch to renewable energy again and now we buy 100% green electricity, which turned out to be less expensive than non-renewable energy. This article is aimedContinue reading “What is Green Energy? And who provides it?”

Does eating less meat & dairy reduce your carbon footprint?

I’m late publishing this article, and just as well, because since Friday, the day I normally publish, I came across a new study that sort of muddied the waters of this topic again. It just goes to prove just how much this area of research is evolving. As always I’ll revise this article as IContinue reading “Does eating less meat & dairy reduce your carbon footprint?”

The Tricky Task of Avoiding Palm Oil

We’re constantly encouraged to avoid palm oil in our products, but is that really the best way to go? If so, how do we do this? What are the alternatives and are they actually better? Palm oil is a inexpensive versatile form of oil used in so many products you wouldn’t even believe, like bread,Continue reading “The Tricky Task of Avoiding Palm Oil”

Shopping Detox

I didn’t intend to stop shopping. It’s just kind of happened slowly over the past 5 years – with the pandemic putting a final nail in the coffin. Do I miss it? Honestly? Sometimes. I miss the thrill of a bargain. I miss the crinkle of a glut of paper carrier bags. I miss theContinue reading “Shopping Detox”