Natural and Recycled Rugs made in Wales

Being a former Interior Architect I always have my eye out for beautiful planet-positive interior products. I love the colour and texture of these braided rugs from the aptly named Braided Rug Company. Small factories have been making braided rugs in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains for the last 100 years.  The yarnsContinue reading “Natural and Recycled Rugs made in Wales”

Soapnuts – the verdict

We used soapnuts to wash our clothes for about a year and at first I was a total convert; loving the idea of washing our clothes with something that was 100% natural. Overtime we found that our clothes didn’t smell the freshest, particularly on overcast days – which we have a lot of in Ireland,Continue reading “Soapnuts – the verdict”

Using Soapnuts to Wash Clothes – the verdict

When we started on our low-waste journey we tried washing our clothes with soapnuts for about a year. I love the idea of cleaning with something that was 100% natural, that was compostable at the end-of-life. But as is often the case with eco-switches our enthusiasm faded over time. Read on to find out whyContinue reading “Using Soapnuts to Wash Clothes – the verdict”