Second-hand Furniture & Homeware in Ireland 2023

Where to buy second hand furniture in Ireland

I’m delighted to see my articles on sources for second-life goods doing so well on the website. This is a new development. For years now it’s been my listings of eco brands that have performed the best, so for me it’s a great sign.

There’s also been an explosion in resale outlets, for all manner of goods, and so I’m having to split a previously published list of second-life retailers into separate articles. I’ve recently published Where to buy second life clothing in Ireland and now you have one for furniture, listed by style and county, where that information is available

I’d guess that 80% of my home is furnished with second-life furniture. I really think citizens are missing a trick by decorating with exclusively new furniture. In a previous life I was an interior architect, and I can tell you that an interior without some pre-loved or inherited furniture or homeware can look completely soulless.

If you want a space to feel inspirational and authentic then shun the high-street every so often and peruse the listing below.

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Where to get Upcycled Furniture in Ireland

Where to get Recycled Furniture in Ireland

  • Home Street Home (Harold’s Cross, Dublin 6) Modern Irish designed and made furniture and Asian furniture from abroad made with salvaged / recycled materials.
  • Quirkistuff (Online, Bray, Co Wicklow) They created restyled furniture made with components from existing furniture sourced in Ireland. See my previous article on Quirkistuff for more info.

Where to get Second-life Furniture in Ireland

Auction Houses in Ireland

Architectural Salvage Yards in Ireland

Charity-run Furniture Stores in Ireland

Second-life office furniture in Ireland

Second-life homeware in Ireland

Where to buy Upcycled Lighting in Ireland

  • Bendec (Upcycled – online, based in Longford)
  • Kopper Kreation (Reclaimed materials – online, based in Dublin)
  • Copperfish (Reclaimed materials – online, based in Wicklow)

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