Sustainable Ethical Cleaning 2022

In this article we’re talking about cleaning house, literally. I’ve already published an article on Zero Waste Washing Up and Sustainable Ethical Laundry so this article only looks at house cleaning like the kitchen and bathroom etc. Firstly we’re going to look at cleaning tools, then cleaning with 1) food-grade chemicals– either individually or combinedContinue reading “Sustainable Ethical Cleaning 2022”

Conker Laundry Liquid; Recipe and Verdict

This is one of the posts most people search for on my website; how to make laundry liquid from conkers, aka horse chestnuts.  It’s something I tried out in the early days of my zero waste journey. Apparently conkers contain the same soap-like substance as soap nuts, saponin, and being available locally it seemed like theContinue reading “Conker Laundry Liquid; Recipe and Verdict”

Cleaning with Food-grade Cleaning Ingredients

When we’re doing our spring cleaning there’s no need to use all those nasty chemicals to clean effectively. You’d be surprised at just how little you need to clean your house effectively, and how most of what you need is probably already in your kitchen cupboards. After years of trials and tests here’s a runContinue reading “Cleaning with Food-grade Cleaning Ingredients”