Are Instore Clothes Bins just Greenwashing?

I’ve always wondered about these little babies. On the face of it they seem like a good thing, right? But in my experience looks can be deceiving and well intention initiatives can have unintended negative consequences. Is that the case here or am I just too cynical.  Well lets look at them in a bitContinue reading “Are Instore Clothes Bins just Greenwashing?”

Eco Folklore, Greenwashing and Misunderstandings

Since I’ve been publishing this website I’ve learned a lot about the difference between the theory of sustainable living and the reality. In our increasingly interconnected world nothing is straightforward and the distance between us and the nexus of events makes it so difficult to distinguish truth from spin. It’s a greenwasher’s dream!  This mightContinue reading “Eco Folklore, Greenwashing and Misunderstandings”

Why Bottle Deposit Schemes are a Missed Opportunity

This article started out as a rant, by me, in the Zero Waste Ireland Facebook group, but I feel so vexed about the confusion surrounding this issue that I felt it warranted an article too. Humans are such illogical creatures, that something that seems eminently sensible can backfire badly, as could happen with reverse vendingContinue reading “Why Bottle Deposit Schemes are a Missed Opportunity”

Sustainable Ethical Fibres and Fabrics 2022

The whole issue of sustainable ethical fibres and fabrics is very confusing and is constantly changing. This article started as a paragraph in an article about ethical clothing but as I learned more it was clear that it warranted its own article. As always there are pros and cons to each fibre type depending onContinue reading “Sustainable Ethical Fibres and Fabrics 2022”

Why I don’t like Biodegradable / Compostable Plastics 2022

Ireland is slowing waking up to the problem of plastic waste. This is a good thing, particularly if it encourages to reduce our creation of it. But has it? I’m worried that we’ve just swapped our addiction to recyclable or compostable plastic instead. I’ve written before on why recycling isn’t the answer, so in thisContinue reading “Why I don’t like Biodegradable / Compostable Plastics 2022”