Review of 2020

Every year I do a review of the past year, what worked what didn’t. When I look back through my Instagram feed it’s just amazing how much happens over a year. Some of the events seems like a lifetime ago. This year’s review is a mix of zero waste wins & loses and readjustments ofContinue reading “Review of 2020”

Coronavirus and Zero Waste

I didn’t expect to write a post about the Coronavirus this week but honestly according to my blog and social media stats it’s all people seem to be interested in, that and cooking recipes, or yoga tutorials. Going by my neighbours we started self-isolating earlier than most people. In fact some of my neighbours areContinue reading “Coronavirus and Zero Waste”

Sustainable Living – A Review of 2018

Another year about to start. I’m soooooo excited. I’ve spent the entire day updating a tonne of blog posts with new information that I’ve been bookmarking over the past few months. I try to keep the blog as current as possible by updating posts with new info. That way you’ll always know where to goContinue reading “Sustainable Living – A Review of 2018”

Sustainable Travel – Our Trip to Madrid

As I write this post I’m sitting in a lovely self-catering apartment in Madrid. By the time it’s posted I’ll be back on Irish soil. My husband and I stopped off in Madrid on our way back from South America about 15 years ago and we swore we’d return. I’m so glad we did. It’sContinue reading “Sustainable Travel – Our Trip to Madrid”