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What to recycle / donate where in 2022

Upcycled Furniture by Zoe Murphy

I am passionate about rehoming items I no longer need and although a lot of items can be dropped into them, local recycling centre and charity shops are not always the best fist stop for donating or recycling. I prefer to get items into the hands of places that specialise in a particular item, that way there’s a better chance of them being reused or recycled properly.

Before you read on and get ready to declutter, remember if possible it’s always better to repair and reuse your own goods than recycle them.

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Where to Donate Furniture

Check out the list of stores selling second hand furniture in Ireland. Most will buy or take donations.

Where to Recycle Mattresses

Where to Donate / Recycle IT Equipment

Where to Donate / Recycle Electrical Equipment

Where to Donate / Recycle Gardening Equipment

Where to Donate / Recycle Bicycles

Where to Donate / Recycle Duvets & Bedlinen & Bath Towels

Where to Donate / Recycle Worn-out Clothes

Where to Donate / Recycle Worn-out Shoes

Where to Donate / Recycle Rucksacks / Travel Bags

Where to Donate / Recycle Bras

Where to Donate / Recycle Toiletries, Cosmetics & Medical

Where to Donate / Recycle Books & Stationary

Where to Donate / Recycle Baby / Kids Stuff

Where to Donate / Recycle Packaging

Where to Donate / Recycle Other Bits and Pieces 

You can also try rehoming stuff on websites like

I also find the What to do with …. page on the page very useful

Finally, drop specialist items into a shop that sells them. I inherited an open-box of pen refills for a quality brand pen that I didn’t own, so I dropped them into the Pen Corner in Dublin 2, who stock that brand. They get free stock, I get empty space in my house – win win!

If you’re decluttering check out my article on How to Declutter Sustainably


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