Wildlife Friendly Gardening 2021

Sometimes it can feel impossible to have an impact on the climate crisis. It’s so big and nebulous, but one area where we can have a huge impact is protecting local biodiversity. What you do in your house, garden, community has a real, immediate and direct impact on wildlife where we live, and depending onContinue reading “Wildlife Friendly Gardening 2021”

Natural Insect Repellents

It’s summer! And as the temperatures creep up we’re all living outdoors more, which means we’re all spending more time with lots of mini-beasties. I have a live and let live approach to most insects in my life. I’m happy to share my living space with them, after all I’m the one invading their worldContinue reading “Natural Insect Repellents”

Growing Fruit and Veg; Design & Layout 2021

I appreciate that I have really put the cart before the horse with this article. I really should have published this before I wrote my other articles on growing veg but this happens when you write articles that follow life rather than ones that are planned and executed like a professional magazine. So if IContinue reading “Growing Fruit and Veg; Design & Layout 2021”