Christmas – Handmade Presents

When it comes to handmade gifts the most important bit of advice is to not overload yourself with making handmade presents for everyone. Just pick one or two, otherwise come December you’ll resent what seemed a very clever idea in November. With that in mind here’s some ideas on what to make.

Why Recycling isn’t the Answer

Moving towards a Zero Waste Lifestyle has been a real eye-opener for me. I mistakenly thought that recycling was the answer to our global waste problem but having researched this area I’ve learned that this is very far from the truth. Recycling Leads to MORE Waste! The report ‘The Effect of Recycling versus Trashing onContinue reading “Why Recycling isn’t the Answer”

Beautiful Recycled Interior Ideas

I’m not a huge fan of pallet furniture or items made from tyres, which seems to dominate the world of recycled furniture on the internet, but now and again I come across some beautiful conversions that really add character and joy to the interior they’re created for. One perfect exactly of this is the headboardContinue reading “Beautiful Recycled Interior Ideas”