Sustainable-ish Hallowe’en – Food & Table Decorations 2023

Booscotti Biscuits

I love a good party, and to be honest I like the planning as much as the attending. In my time I’ve spent way too much time on Pinterest finding low waste ways to achieve high party impact. So you don’t have to spend hours doing the same, here are some of my favourite sustainable Halloween decorations and treats – like these chocolate dipped Boo-scotti biscuits.

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Skeleton Cookies
Voodoo Cookies

Equally cute are these Skeleton Cookies by Our Best Bites, or  Voodoo Cookies by Lorraine Elliot. I particularly like the fact that these cookies are made with a standard gingerbread cookie cutter, which I just so happen to have!

Chocolate Pumpkin Cake

If you’re looking for something altogether classier you can’t go wrong with this stunning Chocolate Pumpkin Cake. It’s the sort of thing I’d imagine readers of Gloss magazine will be having this Hallowe’en!

Broomstick Appetisers

For some savour treats check out these 2-ingredient Broomstick Appetisers, by painter and photographer Heather Baird.

Halloween Sushi Balls

Or how about this uber cute Hallowe’en sushi balls by Chopstick Chronicles?

Devilled Eggs

And what Hallowe’en table would be complete without Devilled Eggs. Simple strategic placing of chilli pieces elevates this simple dish to a festive level.

Monster Tart

When all is said and done at Hallowe’en you can get away with serving anything once you stick a pair of eyes on anything, like this Monster Tart by Pizzazzerie

Half the fun of a themed party is the table decorations and here’s a few of my favs for Hallowe’en.

Hallowe'en Table Centrepiece

Simply place a few white candles on upturned, painted wineglasses to achieve this innovative yet easy centrepiece.

3D Paper Pumpkins

Pumpkins you can use every year? How clever. Here’s a link to instructions on how to make these 3D paper pumpkins.

Graveyard Placecards

Depending on the age of your guests these Graveyard Place cards are a great bit of fun.


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2 thoughts on “Sustainable-ish Hallowe’en – Food & Table Decorations 2023

  1. Beautiful. Really like the voodoo cookies and sushi balls ideas. I totally agree with you: re-inviting people over: keep it simple. I would add: use recipes that you master well. I have also learned the hard way that it’s not a great idea to try new recipes on guests 🙂


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