Minimalist Non-Toxic Zero Waste Skin and Hair Care

I aim to buy as little as possible in life, partly for environmental reasons, partly for economic reasons and partly (mostly if I’m honest) because the less you own the easier housework is. For me minimalism is all about saving time and hassle and this philosophy extends to my skin and hair care routine, whichContinue reading “Minimalist Non-Toxic Zero Waste Skin and Hair Care”

Simple Cupcake Recipes

I used to bake for teachers until I heard that a lot of them bin homemade goods over health and safety concerns. Now I limit baking gifts to family, which has reduced my baking-load and waist-line. As a big fan of simple and easy so here is my go-to recipe for buns and buttercream icingContinue reading “Simple Cupcake Recipes”

Homemade Tortillas (Wraps)

In an effort to cut down on packaging and avoid palm oil and chemicals in our food I’ve been trying to find quick, easy recipes for everyday foods, such as these flour tortillas, which our family love. I’ve made these tortillas a few times now and they’re a sinch to make – the longest partContinue reading “Homemade Tortillas (Wraps)”