Plant one Veg this Autumn – Garlic

It happens all to often. We have the best of intentions and then life interrupts. We swore we’d start growing veg this year and never quite got around to it. Well it’s not too late so I’m setting you a challenge; before Hallowe’en plant some garlic. They’re super easy to grow and now is the perfect time toContinue reading “Plant one Veg this Autumn – Garlic”

The Sustainable Way to Manage Self-seeding Plants in the Garden

I’m a freak! I love tidying my plant borders. I find it very calming and I love seeing those neat beds when I’m finished. That said I do appreciate that some people want an easier method of dealing with plants that crop up where you don’t want them. If you’d like to manage your gardenContinue reading “The Sustainable Way to Manage Self-seeding Plants in the Garden”

Creating a Garden with Annuals and Biennials

One of the best aspects of gardening is its focus on the future, meaning we’re always looking forward to beautiful blooms, even in winter. In fact Autumn is the best time to plan for the following summer by planting annuals or biennials. If you’d like fill your garden with flowers for very little money andContinue reading “Creating a Garden with Annuals and Biennials”

Creating an Ornamental Garden: Selecting Plants

I’m no garden designer but having being an interior architect for 15 years, I am well-practiced at balancing colour and form. I’ve also been gardening since I was 8 so and I have lots and lots of direct experience. Here are my tips on how to create a plant plan from scratch that will haveContinue reading “Creating an Ornamental Garden: Selecting Plants”

What to recycle / donate where in 2022

I am passionate about rehoming items I no longer need and although a lot of items can be dropped into them, local recycling centre and charity shops are not always the best fist stop for donating or recycling. I prefer to get items into the hands of places that specialise in a particular item, thatContinue reading “What to recycle / donate where in 2022”