Creating an Ornamental Garden; Mid Summer Colour

There tends to be a gap in flowering from June to July as the lushness of early summer gives way to the more intense heat and light. It can be hard to keep the garden looking fresh during these weeks, unless you succumb to single-season bedding plants, which I try to avoid because of theirContinue reading “Creating an Ornamental Garden; Mid Summer Colour”

Growing Fruit and Veg at Home; Feeding & Watering 2022

So hopefully you’ve managed to keep your seedlings or baby plants alive in your veg garden and now you want to give them the best of care to turn them into beautiful productive plants. Here are some tips on the best way to feed and water those babies so you get a wonderful harvest laterContinue reading “Growing Fruit and Veg at Home; Feeding & Watering 2022”

Creating an Ornamental Garden; Spring Colour

If you’re in the process of starting a flower garden from scratch or need to rejuvenate an existing one you might be interested in my articles Creating a Garden the Easy Way and clever Self Seeding Garden Plants . This article is part of a series highlighting my favourite plants according to when they flower. InContinue reading “Creating an Ornamental Garden; Spring Colour”

Growing Fruit & Veg: Planting Out Seedlings & Seeds 2022

You’ll know your seedlings are ready to plant out once they’ve developed a few ‘true leaves’, i.e. recognisable leaves of the plant, and a firm stem, but it’s important to wait until the soil is warm enough too, which according to Monty Don of Gardeners’ World is when it doesn’t feel cold to the touch.Continue reading “Growing Fruit & Veg: Planting Out Seedlings & Seeds 2022”