Growing Fruit & Veg: Planting Out Seedlings & Seeds 2021

It’s still a bit nippy out in the garden these days but it won’t be long before it’s time to harden-off your little seedlings so that you can plant them out in the soil. You’ll know your seedlings are ready to plant out once they’ve developed a few ‘true leaves’, i.e recognisable leaves of theContinue reading “Growing Fruit & Veg: Planting Out Seedlings & Seeds 2021”

Growing Fruit & Veg: Sowing Seeds & Raising Seedlings 2021

Did you know that for every kilogram of vegetables you grow yourself, you’re reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2 kilograms, compared to buying from the store? I don’t have the time to be fully self-sufficient when it comes to fruit and vegetables but I get great joy from supplementing our weekly fruit and veg shop withContinue reading “Growing Fruit & Veg: Sowing Seeds & Raising Seedlings 2021”

A Guide to Composting & Composters

Composting is so easy peasy it’s a shame that more people don’t do it. It can also save you a fortune in waste charges and in garden compost. It’s also the only zero-waste way to get peat-free compost. It’s also the only way to get compost with no nasties in it. Did you know thatContinue reading “A Guide to Composting & Composters”

Plant one Veg this Autumn – Garlic

It happens all to often. We have the best of intentions and then life interrupts. We swore we’d start growing veg this year and never quite got around to it. Well it’s not too late so I’m setting you a challenge; before Hallowe’en plant some garlic. They’re super easy to grow and now is the perfect time toContinue reading “Plant one Veg this Autumn – Garlic”

Natural Weedkiller & Gardening Hacks

I’m a freak! I love weeding. I find it very calming and I love seeing those clean beds when I’m finished. That said I do appreciate that some people want an alternative.  You’ll often see recipes for inexpensive natural weed killer made with everyday kitchen ingredients that are said to actually works. I’ve tried itContinue reading “Natural Weedkiller & Gardening Hacks”