Stunning Sustainable (and easy) Christmas Decorations

I have a simpler white version of this decoration hanging over my dining table. I made them in about 30 minutes before Christmas dinner one year when, in a fit of madness, I decided that the room looked bare. They’re so simple to make, especially if you staple them instead of using an eyelet asContinue reading “Stunning Sustainable (and easy) Christmas Decorations”

Low Waste Hallowe’en Costumes for Kids

I try to repurpose clothes for the kids Hallowe’en costumes, or swap with other parents or buy second-hand but some years these avenues come up short and this is one of these years.  It’s a real struggle to find ideas for spooky low-waste Hallowe’en costumes but I did come across this stylish paper skeleton byContinue reading “Low Waste Hallowe’en Costumes for Kids”

Sustainable Hallowe’en Decorations

I looovvveee Hallowe’en. I think it’s because it’s one of the few holidays where I get to dress up and don’t have to buy presents! I’ve done quite a bit of research on paper decorations for previous Hallowe’ens and my house is decorated top to bottom with them. Here are some of my favourites. SorryContinue reading “Sustainable Hallowe’en Decorations”