Stress-free Christmas Gifting

There’s lot of chatter on social media about Christmas gift giving. It seems to be rife with problems for many. Some people are upset at having to engage in obligatory gift exchanges in the first place, other that requests for ethical gifts are being ignored while they’re expected to purchase undesirable items for others. IContinue reading “Stress-free Christmas Gifting”

Irish Design (& sometimes Irish made) 2021 Calendars

Guess what I’m in the market for? And I’m delighted to report that if you’re in need of a calendar we’ve some stunning ones to choose from. Here are the ones I found on my internet travels. Some are printed in Ireland and some are printed on recycled paper. All are by Irish based illustrators,Continue reading “Irish Design (& sometimes Irish made) 2021 Calendars”

Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide 2020 (Irish & local)

We’re all being encouraged to buy local this Christmas, now more than ever given the impact of Covid-19 on small businesses in 2020. Other media outlets are doing a great job of highlighting fantastic products, made in Ireland from imported materials, but having a sustainability focus I’ve decided to showcase products made in Ireland fromContinue reading “Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide 2020 (Irish & local)”

Have Yourself a Merry Sustainable Christmas (2020)

Okay, I’ve given up and am posting a Christmas article in October! Such madness, but this is definitely a mad year, so I’m going with it. Christmas is the most damaging time of the year environmentally, what with all the additional journeys taken (less than usual this year maybe!), food wasted and extra consumption. It’sContinue reading “Have Yourself a Merry Sustainable Christmas (2020)”

Sustainable Events

It’s been a very busy few weeks, with all manner of events to attend. One on B Corps, one called climate cocktails, one on business opportunities in the circular economy.  If you’re involved with organising events there a few simple ways to make it environmentally lighter. I’ve previously written articles on hosting a sustainable wedding,Continue reading “Sustainable Events”