Natural and Organic Skincare in Ireland 2022

I’ve cleared my house of as many non-natural chemicals as possible. It was relatively easy to do this food and cleaning wise but brands of natural skincare took a lot more research. My Easy 3 Ingredient Moisturiser  is perfect as a body moisturiser but I find it clogs the pores on my face so IContinue reading “Natural and Organic Skincare in Ireland 2022”

Sustainable Ethical Low-Waste Make-up 2022

We have all become more conscious of what we ear and the chemicals in our skincare but we don’t tend to give the same attention to our make-up. I am not a chemist or a scientist so if you’d like more information on ingredients etc check out this comprehensive evaluation of toxins in make-up brands. It’sContinue reading “Sustainable Ethical Low-Waste Make-up 2022”