Sustainable Ethical Zero-Waste Make-up 2021

I’m no longer a big wearer of make-up but if you’re into your cosmetics and wanted less harmful options here’s a list of sustainable ethical makers to consider. Just to note, I am not a chemist or a scientist so I’ve had to take claims of ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ at face value (pardon the pun).Continue reading “Sustainable Ethical Zero-Waste Make-up 2021”

Sustainable Ethical Low-Waste Make-up 2022

We have all become more conscious of what we ear and the chemicals in our skincare but we don’t tend to give the same attention to our make-up. I am not a chemist or a scientist so if you’d like more information on ingredients etc check out this comprehensive evaluation of toxins in make-up brands. It’sContinue reading “Sustainable Ethical Low-Waste Make-up 2022”