Sustainable Ethical Period Products 2021

In light of a recent decision in Ireland to ban an advertisement for tampons that used the phrase ‘you gotta get ’em up there girls’, I thought it apt to do a post on sustainable ethical menstrual products. Afterall the best reaction to censorship is to keep talking about the issue! Please share this postContinue reading “Sustainable Ethical Period Products 2021”

My Experience of ‘No Poo’

I’ve managed to streamline my skincare down to just water and a cotton flannel followed by some almond oil for moisturiser at night or Day Solution moisturiser by Green People, which is 88% organic for daytime. It’s the simplest and most effective skincare routine I’ve ever had and it’s cheap as chips. My transition toContinue reading “My Experience of ‘No Poo’”

Natural Deodorant 2021

  This week on the blog we’re looking at ‘natural deodorants’. You may not be familiar with that term but as we go through the ingredients in the products featured here you’ll soon get a feel for what is meant by it. I’m lucky. I don’t have to wear deodorant or antiperspirants. Or maybe I’mContinue reading “Natural Deodorant 2021”