Newsletter – August Week 3

As Ireland gears up for the return of schools the battle between disposables and reusables rages on. Some school boards and parents seem to be under the misunderstanding that single-use disposables are less likely to get contaminated with Covid-19 than reusable lunch boxes and water bottles. First let me state that I am not inContinue reading “Newsletter – August Week 3”

Newsletter April 2020 Week 1

Groundhog Day! Again! I heard a lovely phrase today, ‘I’m not stuck indoors, I’m safe indoors’. Thought it was a nice way of reframing what’s happening at the moment. You know all of this will pass eventually and when it does we’ll struggle to remember what this time felt like. Our minds do an excellentContinue reading “Newsletter April 2020 Week 1”

Coronavirus and Zero Waste

I didn’t expect to write an article about the Coronavirus this week but honestly according to my website and social media stats it’s all people seem to be interested in, that and cooking recipes, or yoga tutorials. Going by my neighbours we started self-isolating earlier than most people. In fact some of my neighbours areContinue reading “Coronavirus and Zero Waste”