Creating Unique Timeless Interiors on a Shoestring

This post may seem slightly left of field to what I normally write about here but it’s actually all about creating homes that support and nurture us in a way that doesn’t trash the planet. Interior architecture and design is something I’m very experienced in being a trained spatial designer with over 15 years workingContinue reading “Creating Unique Timeless Interiors on a Shoestring”

Zero Waste Washing Up

A very glamorous topic for an article but hey we all gotta do some washing up at some stage and why not make it as sustainable as possible. It’s taken me a few years but I’ve finally found a set of zero waste (low waste if I’m honest) dish washing tools that I’m happy with,Continue reading “Zero Waste Washing Up”

Toxin-free Home Fragrances for 2022

I don’t bother with home fragrances for 3/4 of the year, we simply open the window but during the winter months our home sometimes need a bit of help to smell fresh. If you’ve been reading the website for a while you won’t be surprised to learn that the idea of spraying synthetic chemicals intoContinue reading “Toxin-free Home Fragrances for 2022”

Sustainable Ethical Interiors – Bathrooms 2022

After the kitchen the bathroom is where most people make sustainable living changes, switching to bamboo toothbrushes, recycled toilet paper and homemade toothpaste. Here’s a guide to some ways you can reduce your carbon footprint in this most sacred of spaces.

Sustainable Ethical Interiors – Bedrooms 2022

In articles on sustainable interiors I looked at living rooms, and bathrooms and now the next stop on this tour of the sustainable ethical home is the bedroom. Considering it’s where we spend up to a third of our day in this room it behooves us to ensure it’s as healthy a space as possible.