Creating Unique Timeless Interiors on a Shoestring

This post may seem slightly left of field to what I normally write about here but it’s actually all about creating homes that support and nurture us in a way that doesn’t trash the planet. Interior architecture and design is something I’m very experienced in being a trained spatial designer with over 15 years workingContinue reading “Creating Unique Timeless Interiors on a Shoestring”

Abandoning Perfection

Recently I read an interview with Douglas McMaster, chef and founder of Zero Waste restaurant Silo in Brighton. He made a very interesting point in relation to waste when asked about examples of waste in restaurants, such as the Fat Duck binning plates ready to go to a table if they sit for longer thanContinue reading “Abandoning Perfection”

Beautiful Recycled Interior Ideas

I’m not a huge fan of pallet furniture or items made from tyres, which seems to dominate the world of recycled furniture on the internet, but now and again I come across some beautiful conversions that really add character and joy to the interior they’re created for. One perfect exactly of this is the headboardContinue reading “Beautiful Recycled Interior Ideas”