Christmas – Handmade Presents

When it comes to handmade gifts the most important bit of advice is to not overload yourself with making handmade presents for everyone. Just pick one or two, otherwise come December you’ll resent what seemed a very clever idea in November. With that in mind here’s some ideas on what to make.

Origami Money Gifts

I used to buy kids presents in advance and have a little ‘present box’ so that i wasn’t dashing to the shops every time my kids got an invite to a party. As I’ve moved towards Zero Waste I’ve given up on this. I no longer feel comfortable supporting the production of non-recyclable plastic toysContinue reading “Origami Money Gifts”

Simple Cupcake Recipes

I used to bake for teachers until I heard that a lot of them bin homemade goods over health and safety concerns. Now I limit baking gifts to family, which has reduced my baking-load and waist-line. As a big fan of simple and easy so here is my go-to recipe for buns and buttercream icingContinue reading “Simple Cupcake Recipes”

Earth Positive Father Day Crafts

How can it be Fathers Day again? I tell you the years are going quicker and quicker! Here are some uber cute ideas for homemade Father’s Day cards and crafts. I love this brown paper card from Angel Street Mom, who very kindly provides printable templates and instructions on how to make it.