Origami Money Gifts

origami money heart

I used to buy kids presents in advance and have a little ‘present box’ so that i wasn’t dashing to the shops every time my kids got an invite to a party. As I’ve moved towards Zero Waste I’ve given up on this. I no longer feel comfortable supporting the production of non-recyclable plastic toys by multinationals based outside of Ireland. So I’ve started to give cash, and when i say cash I don’t mean those nasty non-recyclable gift cards that expire. I mean cold hard glorious cash. Let the birthday girl or boy buy themselves exactly what they want, or better still save it.

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I know I could source ethical sustainable gifts but i don’t feel comfortable forcing my values on someone else and truth be told most recipients just wont appreciate them, plus i don’t really have the budget or time. But I don’t want to take the joy of getting a present away so I’ve found a happy medium, origami money.

I’ve done a couple so far including a little doggie tenner like the one shown in the instructional video above from a German woman by the name of Yvonne. I would have preferred one in English but couldn’t find one using Euros and I thought seeing a similar looking note was more important than English instructions, which aren’t really needed really. This video might seem long but it includes a novice doing it along side the instructor so it doesn’t actually take 16 minutes to fold the doggie. Plus it’d take you longer than 16 minutes to go to the shop and buy an actual gift!

The same woman has instructional for many different shapes, including an instructional on how to make an origami money heart   – shown at the top of this article.


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I am a circular design consultant helping manfacturers prepare for the circular economy

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