The Tricky Task of Avoiding Palm Oil

We’re constantly encouraged to avoid palm oil in our products, but is that really the best way to go? If so, how do we do this? What are the alternatives and are they actually better? Palm oil is a inexpensive versatile form of oil used in so many products you wouldn’t even believe, like bread,Continue reading “The Tricky Task of Avoiding Palm Oil”

Sustainable Ethical Chocolate 2022

I really wish I didn’t love chocolate quite as much as I do. It’s an imported, energy-intensive, non-essential food item tarnished with child labour and deforestation, but God damn it, it’s tasty. To assuage my guilt at eating this elixir of deliciousness I’m committed to limiting my consumption to the most sustainable, ethical chocolate IContinue reading “Sustainable Ethical Chocolate 2022”

Zero / Low Waste Snacks

So I have the dinners and lunches down to as little waste as possible. Don’t mention breakfast, we’re still very high waste in that department and will probably remain so until a bulk-buy store opens up nearby or my kids eating habits change.  So I’m skipping onto zero-waste snacks, which are particularly pertinent in householdsContinue reading “Zero / Low Waste Snacks”

A Conversation about Food Waste

A few months ago a good friend recording this conversation about food waste (40mins long) with Jess from my local zero waste grocery store The Good Neighbour in Dublin 14 and my good friend and fellow zero waster Kalpana Shanker. We did if for two reasons, 1 as a test for a podcasting series andContinue reading “A Conversation about Food Waste”