Sustainable Accommodation – Europe 2023

Travel is a tricky issue for the sustainably-minded. Really no form of travel is as sustainable as staying put, but where’s the fun in that? Plus travelling can help us understand other ways of life and points of view, hopefully preventing wars and prejudice. So this article isn’t intended to encourage you to travel more,Continue reading “Sustainable Accommodation – Europe 2023”

Sustainable Day Out in Dublin

In this article I’ve decided to take a tour of the sustainable happenings in my home town of Dublin. I’ve lived in this county, albeit different spots, since birth. I love it’s historical architecture and general friendliness but I hate the lack of civic pride a lot of Dubliners and our governments interest in makingContinue reading “Sustainable Day Out in Dublin”

Sustainable (ish) Ethical Travelling in 2022

Travel can be devastating for our planet and our future, particularly when it involves air travel. So how do we indulge in this life enhancing activity while minimising the environmental impact of our trip. This article outlines all of the steps you can take to make your trip more sustainable, from carbon offsetting to avoidingContinue reading “Sustainable (ish) Ethical Travelling in 2022”

Sustainable Accommodation – The Americas 2022

When I started this article I mentioned to my children that it was on the American continent, which includes the USA but other countries too. They didn’t believe me. In their mind America is the American continent, which is unsurprising but sad all the same. This is the side effect of them watching American dominatedContinue reading “Sustainable Accommodation – The Americas 2022”