Making our Trip to Cornwall as Sustainable as possible

It would be wrong for me to label this trip as sustainable, because we flew, and we all know just how unsustainable that it. Flying practically wipes out all your carbon savings from living a low-waste life. I’ve made my peace with this. We tried the ferry, but after one of the most horrendous crossingsContinue reading “Making our Trip to Cornwall as Sustainable as possible”

Our Sustainable Holiday in Clare, Ireland

One of our favourite haunt is Pure Camping on the Loop Head Peninsula in Clare. The camp is run by a friend of mine and I love it’s laid back atmosphere. The campsite is small and car free so it’s one of the few places that you can let kids roam unchecked and develop someContinue reading “Our Sustainable Holiday in Clare, Ireland”

Sustainable Travel, Fabulous Villages in France

In 2016, we travelled to France, primarily to Disneyland Paris but I didn’t want to travel all the way to France and just see Disneyland. Thanks to a conveniently-named ‘Most Beautiful Villages in France‘ website we just picked two villages on route to Disneyland Paris, found accommodation in them via Trip Advisor and hoped forContinue reading “Sustainable Travel, Fabulous Villages in France”