Newsletter – February 2022

There is more and more interest in sustainability, but it’s not always the best kind. Unfortunately organisations seem to be getting obsessed with measuring their climate footprint and offsetting. This myopia often pushes genuinely sustainable initiatives off the agenda, particularly if they’re not measurable. After all, how do you measure the waste you didn’t throwContinue reading “Newsletter – February 2022”

Best Sustainable Ethical Outdoor Clothing & Gear for 2022

Whether it’s climbing, hiking or skiing, more and more of us are buying into the benefits of outdoor living. To enjoy these new pastimes fully it helps to have the right outdoor clothing and gear. In Ireland we seem to be particularly bad at investing in good quality, outdoor clothing. I personally remember many aContinue reading “Best Sustainable Ethical Outdoor Clothing & Gear for 2022”

The 2022 Renew

Over the past 6 years of trying to live more sustainably I’ve discovered just how little I need to be happy – materially, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, Unfortunately knowing this hasn’t made finding it any easier. Listening to nature is hard to do in power-tool obsessed neighbourhoods, human connection is difficult to cultivate when everyoneContinue reading “The 2022 Renew”

How to Sustainably Disposal of a Christmas Tree

You’ve successfully celebrated the wee little saviour’s birth and now it’s time to sweep clean in preperation for the return to work or school. For us that mean undecorating the house and giving it a clean. Decorations will be safely packed away for reused next year (very sustainable) and our Christmas Tree will be disposedContinue reading “How to Sustainably Disposal of a Christmas Tree”