Love is in the Air for 2023

heart cut out of old timber

You may think that Valentines is just another excuse to get us spending money, and you’d be right, but it doesn’t have to be. I heard something a long time ago that stuck with me. Love is spending time and energy to make someone’s day better. It might be ironing a shirt for someone when they’re in a rush, or sending them a good luck text before a big meeting or cooking their favourite meal when they’ve had a hard day or week. That’s real love. It not glamorous or schmaltzy enough to go on a Hallmark card but it’s what makes life worth living. That said if you do a card to write something schmaltzy on here are my some of my favourite handmade Valentine cards!

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I love the clean lines of these pixelated Valentine cards and the designer of this card gives a very straightforward tutorial, with printable template, on their website Minieco

Valentine Confetti Card_2

I know this confetti Valentine card includes plastic – shock horror – but if like me you save clear plastic from packaging you won’t be putting any new plastic into the world. You can also make your own confetti with some nice paper and a hole punch!

Pop-out Heart Card

This heart spring Valentine card might look complicated but when you see the step by step tutorial on I Creative Ideas you’ll see that it’s quite straightforward. I made it myself and it looks so good for very little effort.

Heart Silhouette Card
Envelope of Hearts Card

Both these colourful Valentine cards require a bit more work than previous designs but I think the end results are worth it. Just remember to buy biodegradable glitter for the glittery Valentine card design, or use glittery paint or reuse glittery card.

Fancy something simpler? Well it doesn’t get more minimalist than this simple heart & arrow Valentine card by mini-eco.

Or the retro computer geek in your life might like this pixelated Valentine love letter and envelope design from Glitter Mint

And if you’d prefer not to create any waste at all check out the virtual e-cards from Friends of the Earth


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