Natural Deodorant 2022

  This week on the website we’re looking at ‘natural deodorants’. You may not be familiar with that term but as we go through the ingredients in the products featured here you’ll soon get a feel for what is meant by it. I’m lucky. I don’t have to wear deodorant or antiperspirants. Or maybe I’mContinue reading “Natural Deodorant 2022”

A Guide to Package Free Shaving Soap (2022)

In recognition of the impending celebration of Fathers Day this weekend I’ve roped my husband into writing this week’s article. I hope you’re a Beatles fan because, inspired by a recent trip to Abbey Road, he’s peppered his article with song titles by the fab four! See how many you can spot. (Tip: there areContinue reading “A Guide to Package Free Shaving Soap (2022)”