Sustainable Accommodation, Europe 2021

Eco Hotel in Iceland

Travel is a tricky issue for the sustainably-minded. Really no form of travel is as sustainable as staying put, but where’s the fun in that? Plus travelling can help us understand other ways of life and points of view, hopefully preventing wars and prejudice. So this article isn’t intended to encourage you to travel more, it simple highlights better options for accommodation if you’re travelling to and in Europe.

If you’re going further afield check out my guide to Sustainable Ethical Accommodation in;

And for those staying close to home I’ve an article on accommodation in Ireland and the UK.

I’ve also a useful guide on how to reduce the environmental impact of travelling.

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Newsletter – July Week 1

happy eco news

I do my best not to moan on here. I think negativity breeds stagnation, and we most certainly don’t need that given the current climate crisis. But alas, I am worried about the lack of interest most citizens seem to have in reducing their impact on the planet.

Even those who have started the journey by using reusable take-away cups or buying second-hand, seem to have stopped there, as if that one action affords them a pass to engage in other wasteful ways of living. I know not everyone can do everything, but when 99% of people outside of my local cafe with single-use coffee cups – a cafe that takes reusable cups – a small part of me dies.

Interestingly, businesses and the media are really starting to show increased increased interest in sustainability, but I fear that without customers being on board it’ll all fall flat.

I try to avoid shocking and upsetting people with images of how bad things are, and aim for the website to be as positive and as helpful as possible but I’m at a loss as to how to make people care enough to do as much as they can. Any thoughts?

And while you’re having a think, here’s some cheerful sustainable news ……..

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Eco & Natural Paint (2021)

low toxin natural paint

Most of us don’t really think about what paint is and yet we cover practically every inch of our homes in it. In this article we look at the downside to standard paints and list the eco paint brands available in Ireland and the UK. Some are quite expensive but others compare very favourably with brands you’d buy in your large DIY stores.

Let’s talk paint …..

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Newsletter – June Week 3

positive news

It’s been 3 weeks since I last published a newsletter. I don’t know what happened, I just ended up out of sync with very little to publish a week ago. Maybe everyone was too busy getting ready to re-enter society to publish any news!

Since I last wrote I’ve also been busy I was interviewed for a research project on food waste, was featured in the eco edition of the RTE Guide, gave two online talks for 3 county councils. hosted an online chat with patrons of the website, gave a talk on circular design to a furniture manufacturer, started recording for my podcast, was interviewed for a piece in the Irish Independent, mentored 5 companies on sustainability and contributed to a submission on the EU’s proposed Sustainable Product Initiative. 

But enough of that, now for some positive eco news …..

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