Newsletter April 2022

Earthday 2022

On this year’s Earthday I really need this positive reports in this newsletter. Hearing about the wonderful achievements our global cousins are delivering is the perfect antidote to the news that Ireland’s overshoot day hasn’t changed, yet again.

April 21st is the day that the citizens in Ireland use more resource than the earth can replenish in a year. We are now officially in the red, ecologically speaking! I had hoped that we were starting to push it back to May, but alas no. 

I don’t get it. Living more sustainably can be easier, less expensive and healthier than living unsustainably. In fact, studies have found that being greener makes you happier

So why aren’t people making the switch? I’m flummoxed. Do you know the answer?

Why we ponder this conundrum, here’s some positive planetary news to keep you inspired!

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Second-hand Furniture & Homeware in Ireland 2022

Second Hand Furniture

I’m delighted to see my articles on sources for second-life goods doing so well on the website. This is a new development. For years now it’s been my listings of eco brands that have performed the best, so for me it’s a great sign.

There’s also been an explosion in resale outlets, for all manner of goods, and so I’m having to split a previously published list of second-life retailers into separate articles. I’ve recently published Where to buy second life clothing in Ireland and now you have one for furniture, listed by style and county, where that information is available

I’d guess that 80% of my home is furnished with second-life furniture. I really think citizens are missing a trick by decorating with exclusively new furniture. In a previous life I was an interior architect, and I can tell you that an interior without some pre-loved or inherited furniture or homeware can look completely soulless.

If you want a space to feel inspirational and authentic then shun the high-street every so often and peruse the listing below.

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How to Grow Wildflowers for Pollinators

Meadow Bed

Wildflowers are becoming a regular feature in Irish gardens, and for good reason, they are an easy, attractive, inexpensive way for gardeners to support threatened pollinators like bees and butterflies. Creating one is not rocket science but if you follow the tips below you’ll have the best chance of delivering a beautiful bounty of nectar rich flowers.

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Newsletter March 2022

earth hour 2022

Are you participating in Earth Hour this Saturday? We are.

Earth Hour is a global grassroots movement to raise awareness of the climate crisis. It was started in 2007 by WWF and partners as a symbolic lights-out event in Sydney. To participate all you need to do is to turn off  all the lights in your house from 8:30 – 9:30pm. Simple as that! But if you’d like something more involved there are a few events being held online and in person, including a Tree Planting challenge and a Stargazing Storytelling audio session. Check out the events page of the Earth Hour website for more info.

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