Newsletter Sept 2022

The newsletter is short and sweet this month. Seems like the whole world took August off, and so not much to report this September.

The eagle eye amongst you may have noticed that I’ve put some of my content behind a paywall. I’m just playing around with ideas to make the website self-sufficient until a time comes when it’s no longer needed at all.

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Newsletter August

Happy Eco News

Happiness is matter of perspective, which I think this quote about the climate crisis exemplifies perfectly.

“I’m optimistic for the future because we haven’t even tried yet”

What a great way to interpret the depressing news that even with the new pledges made at COP26, it is now clear the world is still on a trajectory for temperature rises of between 2.4°C and 2.7°C.

Unfortunately I can’t remember where I heard the quote to credit the owner of this clever mind. If you do, please let me know.

If you want to hear about those actually trying to reduce global temps read on …..

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Newsletter July

Wildlife Park in New Mexico

I’m delighted with myself this week for four reasons.

Firstly I’ve just landed a lovely new client, a European environmental NGO! Secondly, a fabulous circular economy furniture project that I’m working on was launched on Wednesday. Thirdly, I got an enquiry from a TV production company about a possible project and to top it all I received a lovely donation from a fan of the website. Happy days!

I thought the summer was the silly season when nothing happens. Not this year. Now for some more happy eco news ……

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Eco Birthday Parties for Kids

plastic free kids parties

Now that we’re living with Covid instead of living in dread of it I can finally publish this article on Eco Kids Parties that I’ve had in the pipeline for about 2 years. I was at a kids event recently that generated SO MUCH WASTE it was heart-breaking, especially as it was largely avoidable. With a few simple, cost effective tweaks you can deliver ‘the best party ever’ with practically zero waste. Here’s how.

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Newsletter June

Laundry Refill Point in Lidl

I had a wonderfully uplifting encounter with the owner of a new low-waste store, The Proper Shopper in Dublin 18,  last week. They are only open a few weeks, so brand new, fresh faced and brimming with enthusiasm. If you’re in the area pop down and say hello. Tell Brian Elaine sent you.

When you hear news reports about Lidl and M&S trialling refill points (see below) you can fear for stand-alone package-free stores, but I don’t. It’s a different market with a different consumer. Small stores can create community in a way that large chains never can.

Which it’s why it’s so important that ecopreneurs don’t stop at sustainability. We have to be sustainable and ……. something, whether that’s sustainable and healthy, or chic, or design led, or inexpensive or whatever your customer values enough to make the effort to travel to you for. Building value-driven relationships with customers is the best investment any business can make.

Of course my USP is being sustainable and incredible sexy! And on that note here’s this month’s planet positive news
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