Newsletter – February Week 3

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Does anyone else feel as if things are starting to lift? Maybe it’s the spring weather but I’m getting a lot more opportunities and queries through the door, which is just thrilling and making lockdown a lot easier.
I don’t think I could ever go back to being an employee. As much as I love the idea of belonging to an office community I adore the rollercoaster world of being self-employed. Sure there are plenty of downs but you never know what’s around the corner, and that makes life a helluva lot more exciting!
And now for some excitingly positive (mostly) eco news from around the world

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Newsletter – Feb Week 1

planet positive stories

Last week I started my annual declutter of the house. It’s something I’ve done every November before the deluge of Christmas gifts arrive into the house, but with college it was delayed until now. In recent years we’ve manage to knock the Christmas deluge tradition on the head, but the annual declutter continues.

When I started this process it was an uphill struggle. I just couldn’t make a dent in the amount of ‘stuff’, and decluttering was more of an exercise in reorganising than rehoming.

Thankfully after 5 years of low-waste living I’m really seeing the difference. Having successfully rehomed hundreds of items and refusing entry to new ones, I can now see the bottom of drawers and the back of cupboards.

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Sustainable Ethical Chocolate

organic fairtrade vegan chocolate

I really wish I didn’t love chocolate quite as much as I do. It’s an imported, energy-intensive, non-essential food item tarnished with child labour and deforestation, but God damn it, it’s tasty.

To assuage my guilt at eating this elixir of deliciousness I’m committed to limiting my consumption to the most sustainable, ethical chocolate I can afford. I’m also hoping that by spending a bit more on each chocolate bar I’ll be better at limiting  how much I eat!

So what’s do we need to think about when we’re looking for sustainable ethical chocolate?

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