30+ Organic Fresh Fruit & Veg Growers in Ireland (2021)

organic fruit and veg ireland

Sustainable living is a lot easier when you know where to get things. If you want to buy fresh, organic (or naturally) grown fruit and veg, in Ireland, here’s a list of 30+ organic fruit and veg growers in Ireland.

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Why buy local
Waste is a symptom of our food system. While it’s more profitable to fly or ship mangetout from Kenya or blueberries for Argentina we’re going to have to deal with packaging, air miles and food waste.

Buying as much locally grown, seasonal organic produce as you can is the best way, in the long term, to move our society towards a sustainable food systems. One that we can directly influence in terms of farming methods, packaging and food waste.

I wrote an extensive article on why locally grown, organic, seasonal produce is the way to go. Read it if you want to find out why it’s so important.

Just a quick note …..
Before we get into the list suppliers I should point out that in my experience a lot of Irish farmers supplement their offering with imported fruit and veg. I don’t have an issue with this as I assume the farmer will offer their produce before an imported version, but it’s not harm to check the origin of what you’re buying.

Organic fruit & veg growers

  1. Ancient Organics – Cork
  2. Devoys Organic Farm – Cork
  3. Richard’s Select Organics – Cork
  4. McNallys Family Farm – Dublin
  5. Beechpark Eco Farm – Dublin which sells organic fruit, veg and herbs, along with eggs and sourdough bread
  6. Moyle Abbey – Kildare
  7. Nurney Farm – Kildare
  8. Green Earth Organics – Galway
  9. Beechlawn Organic Farm  – Galway
  10. Rocket Deliveries – Kerry
  11. Manna Organic Farm & Store – Kerry
  12. Poppadoms Farm Shop – Kerry
  13. Little Black Hill Farm – Kerry
  14. Garryhinch Wood Exotic Mushrooms. – Laois, wild and exotic organic mushrooms grown on wooden blocks made from trees sourced from sustainably managed forests.
  15. Glasrai Organic Farm – Mayo
  16. Meadowsweet Organic Farm – Meath, wheatgrass, salad leaves and microgreens
  17. Moyleabby Organic farm – Offaly, also sells organic mushrooms
  18. Drumanilra Farm – Roscommon
  19. Knockvicar Organic Garden – Sligo
  20. Tattie Hoaker Farm – Sligo
  21. Cloncannon Biofarm  – Tipperary
  22. Slievenamon View – Tipperary
  23. Annie’s Organic Farm Produce – Tipperary
  24. Gorse Farm  – Wexford
  25. Carraignamuc Cottage – Wicklow
  26. Organic Delights by Denish Healy – Wicklow
  27. An Tairseach Farm Shop – Wicklow
  28. Glendalough Organics – Wicklow
  29. The Ethical Gardner – Wexford (potted herbs, salad leaves and microgreens)

Non-organic but free of synthetic chemicals

  1. Mad Yolk farm  – Galway (Veg, eggs and salad)
  2. Good and Green – Clare
  3. Moyhill Farm, – Clare, CSA
  4. Elmhurst Cottage Urban Farm – Dublin
  5. Dublin CSA* – Dublin
  6. The Gnomes – Dublin (Salad & microgreens)
  7. The Bullaun Ark – Galway
  8. Leagh Farm – Kerry
  9. Derrybeg Farm – Kildare, CSA
  10. New Leaf Urban Farm – Limerick
  11. Wild Acre Farm – Mayo
  12. Jacobs Vegbox  – Roscommon, CSA
  13. Knocknarea Farm – Sligo (Weekly veg boxes)
  14. Hazel and Davis Farm  – Wicklow, CSA
  15. Broadfield Farm – Wexford

If you don’t see a farmer in your area check out the website Foodture. It’s a great place to start connecting with fair food producers in your area.

How to buy
Buy Online – Some of these farmers have an online store where you can order exactly what you want and have it delivered to you.

Sign up to Veg Box – Some deliver veg boxes that prioritise seasonal fruit and veg, which is often the most sustainable option. It’s worth noting that having organic veg delivered has been shown to have lower carbon footprint than a 7km round trip in a fossil fuel car to the local farmers market. so bear that in mind when deciding which is the best way for you to buy your local fruit and veg.

There are also some independent veg box schemes in some areas. Here are a few I came across

  • In Cavan The Local Green Box offers a host of local food products for collection.
  • If you’re in Cork Organic Republic offer a stand-alone fruit & veg box scheme, although they don’t mention if it’s locally sourced. 
  • Harvest Day deliver seasonal local fruit and veg in Dublin, North Wicklow, parts of Meath and Kildare.

Neighbour Food Market – Another way to access local, organic fruit and veg from growers that don’t deliver is through Neighbour Food Markets, which have designated collection dates and points for produce ordered from local suppliers.

Farmers Markets – You’ll also be able to find local farmers at farmers markets throughout the country. To find one local to you check out this useful list of farmers markets in Ireland , or thefarmersmarket.ie.

Greengrocers etc – You may well be able to find locally grown seasonal produce in your local greengrocer, health-food shop or zero waste store. You can find your nearest one on my Eco Map

CSA – Another way to buy is via Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). With CSA farms you’re not just buying from the producer/s you’re partnering with them and the emphasis is much more on local food systems. Another difference is that members take more of an active role in meeting the grower, discussing options, and possibly visiting the farm to help out as the scheme develops. I’ve identified CSA farms on the list below.

Crowdfarming – This is similar to the CSA schemes, but operates on an international level. Visit the Crowdfarming website to connect with and support farmers by adopting a farmer, animal or tree, which you in turn receive the produce from.

So now you’ve no excuse not to fill your plate, and belly, with lots of delicious, healthy, locally grown, seasonal fruit and veg!

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