Easy Low-Waste Easter Crafts

This post may seem frivolous given the state of the natural world, and it kinda is, but that’s my intention. Some of the sustainable living blogs I follow can be quite depressing, not through any fault of the author, just simply because if you’re concerned about the climate crisis the reality is quite scary. I don’t want to fall into that hole and so for this blog I had the great pleasure of researching impressively easy Easter crafts and have pinned my favourites on an Easter Pinterest Board.

Easter Egg Hunt
The Easter Bunny leaves foil wrapped UTZ certified chocolate characters, similar to those sold by Lidl, or eggs in our garden. This is what he’s always done and I’m load to ask for a change to protocol now but if we were just commencing our Easter Bunny relationship I’d start with refillable plastic or wooden eggs, which I would ask the bunny to fill with package-free treats.

If you have some existing yarn and some time on your hands you could fashion a little creature for your refillable eggs like this one from One Dog Woof, which would make a really lovely reusable Easter toy for someone special.

If you’re in need of some baskets the most sustainable option would be to reuse something existing, or use a long-lasting one made from recyclable or compostable material like a metal pail or a wicker one. If you don’t have the money or time to source these easy paper baskets are a low-waste temporary measure particularly if made with existing materials.

Easter Treats

It’s soooooooo hard to buy ethical package-free Easter Eggs so instead how about making some Easter Bark by sprinkling package free sweets on melted chocolate? Making your own chocolate treats like this makes it slightly easier to avoid palm oil, slave or child labour and excessive packaging. You could even make your treats vegan or organic depending on the shops close to you.

Easter Decorations
I adore these huge origami Easter bunnies (top photo) Much nice than all that plastic tat you get at this time of year.

If huge bunnies are beyond your capability – or you don’t have the mental age of an 8-year-old like me! – perhaps this cute paper flower wreath is more up your street. To make it more sustainable aim to use existing paper if you can. Recycled paper would be the second best option.

Simpler again is this cute paper egg wreath from The Resourceful Mama.

And if you’re dyeing eggs do it naturally using this guide from mommypotamus or this one from delish.com


For more Easter Ideas check out my previous post on Easter Celebrations and my aforementioned Easter Pinterest Board

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