Easy Sustainable Easter Decorations

bunny garland

Want to decorate for Easter but don’t want to bring about more plastic tat doing so? Well look no further. I’ve rounded up the cutest, easiest, most affordable and sustainable ideas to adore your home his Easter.

First up is this uber cute Miffy inspired bunny garland from Mini Eco. I was a huge fan of Miffy when I was younger so I couldn’t resist including a link to a template and tutorial on how to make it.

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origami rabbits

And what better to complement your garland than a team of pastel hued origami rabbits. I searched through a lot of tutorials for this and this is my favourite tutorial on how to make an origami rabbit

bunny napkins

Hosting Easter Lunch? How about decorating your table with these divine bunny napkins! You’ll find a full tutorial for bunny napkins on Fab Art DIY

bunny wine sleeve

And to top the Easter table off, what better than a bunny wine sleeve for the afternoon tipple. This photo is actually of bunny wine labels on Etsy but I’m sure a good crafter could knock this out in less than 20 mins.

DIY Seed Bombs

My kids get Easter eggs from their grandparents and I thought a lovely way to say thank you, and encourage them into gardening is to get them to make seed bombs to give in return. Here’s a tutorial on how to make seed bombs from HGTV all you need is paper and seeds.

bunny cookies

You may not have any gardeners in the family but I bet you can find someone who likes cookies. I think these bunny cookies from the decorated cookie are too good to eat, and reasonably achievable for the average baker (aka me!)

Bunny Ear Bags

And how about this cute bunny bag to give them in. And if you use cotton ribbon or raffia the whole thing would be compostable.

wooden bunny teething rings

Okay so now I’m going crazy and cramming in every bunny inspired items I’ve every found, including these wooden bunny teething rings. , which you can make organic by sourcing organic fabric and these organic wooden teething rings on Etsy

bunny from knitted square

Or how about this cute bunny toy , which is actually made from just one knitted square. I can testify to its wonderfully simple and easy design because I made one for a neighbours child last year. A full picture tutorial is available here and if you want to make it even easier just make the head section and give it as a bunny blankie.

DIY paper bunny mask

Not a knitter? Well maybe a simple paper bunny mask like the one I made on Easter is more up your street. You can download a template for it from The Gentle Journal.

If you’re a committed crafter try out my other craft related articles


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