Hallowe’en Paper Masks For Adults

my wintercroft mask

One Hallowe’en I made this cat mask from card. Seemed like a good idea, until 2 hours in and covered in glue and sweat. Anyhow I managed to complete it in 3 hours and now it’s a very attractive (in my opinion) feature in our dining room. The template for the cat mask cost me 4.50 sterling  from Wintercroft, who have some amazing mask templates. If you’d like to make something similar here are a few to consider.

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panda paper mask

Similar companies include LP Object

red panda paper mask

and Paperstatue

dinosaur paper mask

and Tetra Variations

skull paper mask

and Lapa Studios

donal trump paper mask

and Awesome Patterns

scary pumpkin paper mask

and RPS Creations

dragon paper mask

and Paperpetshop, but if these 3D masks seem a little too demanding I found some simple but stylish animal masks on The Gentle Journal

fox paper mask
owl paper mask
Hare paper mask

These stylish fox, owl and bunny masks are available to download for free from The Gentle Journal. I made a simplified version of his bunny mask for Easter one year.

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