Easy Sustainable Switches

Routine enables us to breeze through our days with very little effort and thought. This might sound like a bad thing but without it we’d waste time over daily deliberations on when to have our first coffee, where to have our first coffee, how to have our first coffee. What a waste of brain power.Continue reading “Easy Sustainable Switches”

Free & Easy Steps to Sustainable Living

I often hear the argument that living ethically and sustainably is really only achievable if you’ve lots of free time and even more disposable income. I think this is often true, particularly if you’re measuring yourself against the picture-perfect lifestyles depicted on social media, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are someContinue reading “Free & Easy Steps to Sustainable Living”

Friction and the Waste Culture

I recently read a book on the whole concept of ‘nudging’ people towards doing what’s best for them, and society. The book I read was titled ‘Inside the Nudge Unit: How small changes can make a big difference’ by David Halpern and was based on the seminal book ‘Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth, andContinue reading “Friction and the Waste Culture”

Six Weeks towards Zero Waste

Becoming a Zero Waster can seem like a daunting task but breaking it down into steps and tackling just a few a week can get you where you want to be relatively painlessly. Here is a short list of steps inspired by my own journey towards Zero Waste. Every Zero Waster’s list will be differentContinue reading “Six Weeks towards Zero Waste”